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Katrina Comment Spam Assaults Blogs

WordPress does an amazing job battling comment spam, reinforced with a couple powerful comment spam fighting WordPress Plugins if you need them. But the comment spammers are always looking for an angle to get in and make your life miserable.

Katrina based comment spam is now hitting blogs around the world.

The problem is compounded by the fact that everyone wants to help the victims of Katrina. Many people are trying to raise money to contribute, by promoting and the , or by promoting the sales of their own goods and services promising to donate profits or a percentage to the cause. It is today’s cause celeb.

With everyone running their own fundraising and donation projects, it’s getting harder and harder to determine who is legit and who isn’t.

I promise you this. If a request for donations comes through an email or comment on your blog – DELETE IT. It’s junk.

USAToday reported on Cyberscams using Hurricane Katrina to tug at your heart and soul to get money out of your pocket book. And if people aren’t suffering enough, a Trojan Malware virus is hitting the web waves called Katrina.

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