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ColdForged is Back

A friend of mine is back. Actually, I use “friend” lightly. I’m a huge fan and I’m thrilled that he is back blogging and WordPressing. ColdForged is the mastermind behind some of my favorite WordPress Plugins, Enhanced Post View WordPress Plugin and Paged Comment Editing Plugin, Image Headlines Plugin, and Spelling Checker for WordPress, among others.

I’m on a campaign to have his Enhanced Post View WordPress Plugin become integrated into the core of WordPress 1.6. It’s THAT good.

After doing battle with several servers with the growing popularity of his site and plugins, health problems, and other evils, ColdForged closed down his site and took a break. I was heartbroken. He’s recently made a comeback and I wish him all the best and hope that the amazing plugins and programming code he’s been so generous with for the WordPress Community will continue.

Welcome back, ColdForged!

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