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WordPress: Faster Loading Than Ever Before

I must have missed it when reporting on recent news about WordPress, but this is news that deserves its own space.

For ages I’ve been battling with long waits after hitting the Save button on the Write Post panel. Some of these waits have reminded me of the early Internet days where a cup of tea could be boiled, prepared, and consumed in the time it took to load a web page. The long delays and waits have a variety of excuses. The more links you have, the longer it takes to process the pings and trackbacks is the number one excuse. I’ve tried a wide variety of things to speed up the process during the importing phase of my website, but little seemed to work until I took drastic measures and removed all pinging capabilities from the options, database and core programming. Painful.

Ryan Boren announced in a recent status report on WordPress 1.6 that this long delay has been fixed up.

After a long discussion on the hackers list about posting being too slow due to ping and enclosure processing, Owen resolved the matter by queueing up ping processing for later handling so that post creation doesn’t have to wait around for pings to finish. Creating new posts that need to ping should be much quicker now.

I’m jumping for joy! I’m not sure how fast these WordPress 1.6 commits are added to sites, but I’m looking forward to faster processing of my posts! WEEEEE!

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