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Fast Computer Crash Recovery with WordPress

As if we haven’t had enough trouble running from all the hurricanes smashing into the US Gulf Coast where we are temporarily living, I’ve been battling a summer of computer crashes. In one month, I had five computer crashes between two computers. My laptop finally returned from the manufacturer, delayed by Hurricane Katrina. They put in a brand new hard drive and everything on here is gone. Not only that, but it’s the “original” version of Windows, since SP2 came out right after I got this state-of-the-art machine. In many ways, I’m back to square one.

So I have no Word, no WordPerfect, no Excel, no Thunderbird, none of the programs I need. I will need to dig up all the disks out of storage to rebuild the software that runs my life and this machine.

BUT!!! Using Internet Explorer, I was able to get to Mozilla Firefox to download a new Firefox Internet browser. In minutes and I was up and running. I logged into my WordPress sites and was back in business. I didn’t have to install Firefox, but I have come to dread working with Internet Explorer. With just Firefox, I can post to my WordPress sites, edit, check comments, and get right on with my work.

I don’t even need my feed reader to hunt up information to post on this WordPress blog. I could install the add-on for Firefox called Sage Feed Reader, but why bother when I can go to and or any of the other feed directory sites and search for the keywords that help me fuel the ideas and articles on my site. Again, no additional software needed.

The ability to work on a computer stripped down to the minimum bells and whistles of software and still manage my website and blog is amazing. Other than installing the browser of my choice, everything else I need right now are accessible via the web.

Sure, there are limits. I have to be connected to the Internet, and I “need” that other stuff. So I’m off with my shovel to dig out my WordPerfect and Office software disks and the rest of the stuff I need to do my “real work”. But at least my WordPress sites won’t go neglected for lack of software!


  1. Posted September 18, 2005 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    Hey! The link in the Dashboard was right for once.

    I did add that weird link thing to my Feedback regarding the comments – they were always showing up as (for example) /2005/09/18//…and thus 404ing.

  2. Posted September 18, 2005 at 8:29 pm | Permalink

    I sent a note, too. I know the problem was with the bug with the post slug. Keep an eye on your post slugs to make sure that the permalink gets in there. My clue was when the post I just published had a password enabled. I knew I never password any posts, so I checked and found that for some reason the date got put in, the day in the password and the year in the post slug.

    Just keep an eye on it to see if the same thing happens to you. Ah, the fun of being a bug hunter. 😉

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