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TV Squad – Blogging Community About What’s On Television

As I study blogging and community blogging, I keep stumbling across fascinating blogs and usages of blogs, as well as blogging communities. One recent find was TV Squad – Blogging Television.

Everyone with a blog on TV Squad blogs about some aspect of television, from popular (or unpopular) television shows, movies, news, and the stars. You can catch up with what is happening, what did happen, and what will happen with your favorite television shows and channels, following all the news that is news and all the gossip that is gossip.

The front page of TV Squad has some features I hope to see deliver on their front page and WordPress Dashboard. Their top TV Squad Bloggers are listed in order of popularity, showcasing how many posts and comments each has, which give them more weight when it comes to qualification. It also provides a score card to compete against. How many posts do you have? How can I attract more comments?

All the various categories of all the bloggers are shown with post counts. Of course, TV Squad is a focused blogging community, so categories will overlap between bloggers. The most recent comments and top commented posts are highlighted from all the blogs, helping you to see what is attracting the most comments and possibly attention.

The look across the site is consistent and fairly clean, and littered with ads, as many of these sites are, but the information provided runs the gamut from very informative to editorial commentary and all levels in between.

If you are a TV fan, then there is a lot of material and information you will enjoy. If you want to see what a specific topical blogging community looks like, this is an interesting and informative example of a solid and long term historical community.

Some highlights include:

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