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How News Journalists Blog the Web

In my recent research into who blogs and how they blog, I found this report from Editors Weblog that says:

More than half of journalists use blogs

According to Annual Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University Survey of the Media51% of journalists, combared to 11% of all US internet users (according to eWeek), are using weblogs regularly and 28% rely on them for their daily reporting. By contrast, only 1% of journalists believe in their credibility. The study is based on responses of 1,202 journalist from the US and other countries worldwide (no further details regarding the other countries given on Euro RSCG Magnet). Of journalist who reported using blogs 70% use blogs for work-related tasks: they use blogs to find story ideas, researching and referencing facts, finding sources and uncovering breaking news. However, only few journalists post on blogs or have their own blogs. “Such activities might be seen as compromising objectivity and thus credibility,” says Steven S. Ross, associate professor at Columbia University and a partner in the study.

Does this change the theory of journalistic integrity? Do you see journalists blogging as compromising integrity? Do they gain or lose credibility in your eyes? Does their blogging give you a more intimate perspective or do you think it’s just wasting bandwidth?

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