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Your blog will only be as good as its weakest component

Just to be sure you heard it the first time: “Your blog will only ever be as good as it’s weakest component.”

I want to shout that line from the mountains to bloggers around the world. It’s another of Darren Rowse’s brilliant essays on ProBlogger about the concept of thorough blogging.

Imagine you’ve been given a task of hauling water from one place to another (over a long distance) – but that all you’ve been given to do the job is a rusty old bucket which has multiple holes in it. There are holes both low and high on the bucket which make transporting water a real challenge.

You’re given materials to patch some but not all of the holes in the bucket. Which one’s would you fix?

There are a number of ways of approaching this problem – you could attempt to patch the biggest holes first, you could patch those which are most prominent on the bucket etc…

But perhaps the smartest thing to do would be to make the priority of your repair work those holes which are lowest on the bucket.

The reasoning for this approach is that over time your bucket will only be able to hold as much water as the lowest hole on the bucket. Common sense really and a principle I want to suggest bloggers think about on their blogs.

Using this brilliant analogy, Rowse continues by identifying the holes in your blog, or bucket, and helps you to determine what holes need your attention. This is a brilliant work of art. Make it a must read.

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