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Calling All Bloggers in Seattle

Seattle is my home town. I’m a fourth generation Washingtonian – my dad graduated from Queen Anne High School and had his newspaper route all through the Queen Anne District. Seattle is a leader in high tech and coffee, though I can’t stand the latter but adore the former. When it comes to big and the best, Seattle, home of huge ferry boats and airplanes, giant lakes, and the Puget Sound, and other things big and the best of — of course they would have the largest group of bloggers.

The Seattle PI reports that Seattle hosts the largest group of bloggers in the world:

“With 328 members in and around the city, this group eclipses its counterparts in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, London and Tokyo. It’s bigger than the group in New York City.”

They even have their own blogging group, The Seattle Weblogger Meetup Group, with monthly meetings. They’ve been going since 2002, and a newer group, Metroblogging Seattle, has joined the fray of Seattle based blogging groups.

Blogs about Seattle are also gaining popularity, and so enters Seablogs – A Seattle weblog portal, listing blogs about Seattle activites, adventures, politics, and things of interest to Seattlites and the Pacific Northwest.


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