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Growing Up With WordPress

In an interesting editorial about WordPress and, Ken Yarmosh of Techosight makes a great observation. is going to bring a superb open source blogging platform to a much larger public audience but it will offer only a taste of what is possible. And that is why my hypothesis is that will actually be a gateway to WordPress. If there is any strategy behind, that may be it. Proud developers like Matt simply want users throughout the world to play with their software. More importantly, he wants them to help make it better.

I really believe that once people get a taste of what a WordPressMU driven site like can do, and they have the time and experise to move “out and up”, they will head straight for, the independently run WordPress, so they can tweak and fiddle around.

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    I’ve recently been wondering about the limitations of compared with one’s own installation of WordPress. I was thinking about these limitations as bad things, and in a sense they are.
    But then I read Lorelle quoting Ken, an…

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